Visitors from US welcome

Visitors from US welcome

We invite visitors from US to visit our wonderful porcelain town Selb in Germany. You will discover the roots of industrial chinaware. Carl Magnus Hutschenreuther startet 1814 with production in the north of Bavarian. You find here a wonderful landscape, charming people and high valued porcelain.

The family Rosenthal did a lot for art with porcelain. One daughter lives in the US and looked that a foundation bought the castle of the family. Great deal, not to sell it to a Chinese businessman. The castle is like a museum, we should try to get also the factory back.

We offer an individual tour on the roots of porcelain, book a good hotel, organise a guest advisor and give you a valued porcelain present. You can come, whenever you want.

Please use Google translator to understand our website. If you love chinaware, you get a great opportunity to find a lot of good deals.

If you need help for a longer stay in Germany, just contact me. I will be happy to welcome you in Selb.



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